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Design Process

It all begins with an in-home consultation. At this initial meeting, we will evaluate the space or spaces that you are considering for the project. You should plan on spending 1-2 hours (more depending on the scope of the project) with our designer and project manager.  We will measure & photograph the space then listen to your concerns and ideas in order to obtain a general idea of what is needed and how our services will best meet those needs. We charge a $75.00 non refundable consultation fee for this initial appointment.

The designer will then develop a design concept and meet with you again to discuss her ideas, the scope of the work, along with the appropriate design fees. Pricing for individual projects is either hourly or by flat fee. If you agree to continue, a design service agreement will then be presented containing the mutually agreed upon method of compensation. At this stage final layouts with the appropriate space planning will be generated. Any plumbing, electrical, and/or HVAC plans will be finalized as well. Once the layouts are complete then the selection process will begin. Throughout the design & installation process we are here to guide you in setting priorities, and in making complex decisions with confidence. If agreed upon, project supervision to ensure quality oversight can be provided.